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Show Archives (MP3 Format) 2017

John WhiteGuest - John White (Spooky2) - Sunday 19th March 2017 - John White, Designer of the Spooky2, Lives In China, People He Knew Died Of Cancer, Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention, Spooky2 Based On Rife Technology, Spooky2 Software Has A Database Of Over 40,000 Programs, The Technology Resonates On The Same Frequency Of The Virus/Illness etc, We All Live In A Toxic Environment, John's Technical Background, The Spooky2 Has A Large Team, You Can Treat The DNA Of The Person, Spooky Action At A Distance, Unified Source Field, The Person Does Not Have To Be In The Room. 

Cathriona MolloyGuest - Cathriona Molloy - Sunday 12th March 2017 - After being a patient and having first hand experience of Doctor Neary who worked in Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda in the early 1990's, Cathriona, along with a large number of women, suffered at the hands of this butcher. After her harrowing experience, Cathriona decided to help woman in the same situation regarding medical malpractice. She now has her own successful patient advocacy service where she helps people who have suffered at the hands of the medical system.

Owen Pardue (POW)Guest - Owen Pardue - Public Official Watchdog (POW) - Sunday 5th March 2017 - Owen Pardue, Irish Citizen, husband, Therapist and Writer and the creator of POW (Public Officials Watchdog), Four years ago his life (as well as that of his wife) was turned upside down and ultimately destroyed when members of an Garda Siochana smashed in the front door to their apartment and accused him of a crime he did not commit, psychological torture, case was struck out, property seized from their apartment, including their passports, Owen and his wife have committed themselves to finding justice and helping others who have had or are having similar experiences, the state of the prison cells in Store St and Pearce St.

Mark MoxomGuest - Mark Moxom - Sunday 26th February 2017 - Mark Moxom - Mark is a Consultant, Strategist, Professional dot joiner. Futurist. Multiple Best Selling Author, Publisher, Life time entrepreneur, Natural health strategist (40 years of being doctor free). Marks work across a divers range of fields from technology, natural health, retail, service and publishing and media marketing has exposes him to much of what is going on in the forefront of industry and commerce. Sodium BiCarb, MMS, MSM, How The Body Works, Acid V's Alkaline, Doctor's "Practice", The Benefits Of Ginger, Juicing, Try And Stay Away From Manufacturered Food.

Clif HighGuest - Clif High - Sunday 19th February 2017 - Clif High - Well Known For His Web Bot Program Which He Claims Is Able To Predict Future Events By Tracking Keywords Entered On The Internet, Developed in 1997, Originally To Predict Stock Market Trends. The Technology And Algorithms Are Largely Secret And People Can Subscribe To His Website To Find Out About Predictions His Web Bot Program Has Uncovered, Antarctica, Faction A and B, A Language Found Through The Web Bot Program, Populism, Weather, Future, Space Aliens, Economy, Energies Affecting The Planet, Deep State.

James McCumiskeyGuest - James McCumiskey - Sunday 12th February 2017 - German New Medicine, father was dying form liver cancer in October 2002, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, Dr Stefan Lanka, pathogenic viruses do not exist, 95% of modern medicine is Scientifically worthless and damages health, Things like vaccinations, chemotherapy etc are only useful if you want to kill or injure people, His book: The Ultimate Conspiracy  - The Biomedical Paradigm, Psychical Signs Of Viruses, No Evidence By Irish Authorities To Prove They Have Isolated A Virus, No Records, Biological Shock.

Bishop WilliamsonGuest - Bishop Williamson - Sunday 5th February 2017 - Bishop Williamson, Controversial English traditionalist Catholic Bishop, Opposes The Changes In The Catholic Church Brought About By The Second Vatican Council, Originally A Member Of The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), Expelled From The SSPX in 2012, Fr. Malachy Martin And His Predictions, The Rapture, Fatima, Garabandal, Catholic Church, Adam & Eve, John Paul 1, Book - In God's Name, Wormwood, Book Of Genesis, Catholic Church In Trouble, He Feels That Priests Should Not Marry, The First Council of Nicaea, The Tower Of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, Highway To Hell, Stairway To Heaven.

Tony Gosling / Thomas WilliamsGuests - Tony Gosling / Thomas Williams - Sunday 29th January 2017 - Tony Gosling / Thomas Williams - The Trump Election, Dakota Pipeline, Executive Orders Signed, Ayahuasca, LSD Trip Of The British Army, Weapon Of War, Drugs As Weapons Against Us, It's Two Plants, Geopolitical Jigsaw, Trumps Mafia Roots, Trump Is An Unknown Quantity, London Bombings, 6 Journalist Arrested At Women's March, Trying To Do their Job, Factions  Fighting Each Other, Agency People Got Rid Of Hilary's Election Machines, CIA Rigged Elections, Energy Hitting The Planet 93%, Trump Is A Zionist, Antarctica, Buzz Aldrin.

Dr Joseph ChiappaloneGuest - Dr. Joseph Chiappalone - Sunday 22nd January 2017 - End Time Prophecies, End Date Is 2035 But Could Be As Soon As 2025, Viables And The Non-Viables, Green Energy Hitting The Planet, Archonic Negative Energy, Planet X, People Have Been Having A Hard Time Dealing With The Energies, All Agree That A Small Percentage On The Planet Are Viables/Organic, The Rest Will Be Destroyed, 96% Of The Universe Has Been Destroyed, Plasma Waves, Sun Is Dying, Physically We Are Doomed But Spiritually For Some People It Will Be Ok, Reincarnation, living in an illusion, 1999 1 Billion Souls Where Removed, 9% Are Viable.

John WilsonGuest - John Wilson (Gardaí Whistleblower) - Sunday 15th January 2017 - We Are Not Taring All Gardai With The Same Brush, Fine Fáil Family, Do Not Know What To Expect Joining The Gardai, You Become Part Of A "Family", Freedom Of Information Regarding Pulse System, John Was Stopped Using The Pulse System, Called By A Politician To Drop Speeding Fine, hypocrisy prevalent In The Gardaí, To Be A Sargent You Need To Be In The "Clicky Club", Gardaí Are Also Struggling To Pay Bills, Blue Flu, Backhanders Taken Out Of Necessity, 23K A Year Starting Off, Moral Conscience, Penalty Point System, Morse McCabe, They Didn't Like John Having A Beard.

Thomas Williams / Trevor EiversGuest - Thomas Williams / Trevor Eivers - Sunday 8th January 2017 - Truth, Honour & Integrity Show, David Icke Cancelled Show, 90% Of Alt Media Is Controlled, 10%-12% Of The Population Are Organic The Rest Are Synthetic, Alt Media Exposing Themselves, Double Standards, Promoting Love & Light But Doing The Opposite In Private, It's A Program, Stockholm Syndrome, What If The Cabal Walked Away?, We Are All On A Path Of Knowledge, Open Mind Conference, Both Saturday and Sunday, Dooley's Hotel, Awake & Aware Group In Waterford, Maybe An Annual Event, Phone In Listener Won 2 Free Tickets.

Danielle Le VeriteGuest - Danielle La Vérité - Sunday 1st January 2017 - New Year And Energy In 2017, Death Of Stars In 2016, The System Is Upside Down, Change Is inevitable, Things Planned By The Elites Didn't Happen In 2016, People Working In The Background Helping Us, Trump Election, Corporate Approach, Neo-Cons Selected By Trump, Maybe He Is Watching Them Closely, Obama Might Try Something On The 15th Of January, 2017 Will Hopefully Be An Energetic Year, Cabal On The Defence Rather Than On The Offense, MSM Fake News, MSM Watching The News On The Alternative Media, Flakka Drug.

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